Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Latest News and Goodies

Hey all!  Quick shout out, I'm going to be in Arlington, Virginia this Friday evening at One More Page Books.  I'll be running the same ornament workshop, so see posting below.  Here's more info:

Also, thought I'd post this -- I was asked to illustrate the latest 826 Valencia quarterly, and here it is... 826, in case you don't know, is an awesome non-profit organization dedicated to supporting kids from 6-18 in creative writing skills.  This quarterly is filled with students writings, and believe me, it was fun to illustrate. Find out more info here at http://826valencia.org/ . You can order their books there too, and all proceeds go directly to their creative writing program.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Ornament Making and Booksigning!

It seems I'm only posting signings these days!  I apologize, I hate that, but I've been mired in deadlines and never seem able to post much else.  That, and let's face it, the holiday season is at hand and I'm going from store to store doing my best to pump up the economy!  My latest contribution?  Here it is:

Yup, another signing!  This is a ticketed event, so sign up at :


It's a free ornament making workshop.  I LOVE making ornaments, and it seems appropriate to the season, so here's what you'll make if you sign up for the workshop:

this one I'll just be providing patterns for...

this one we can make out of recycled christmas cards

this one is a favorite with the kids

and these are walnuts, pine cones, and corks.

Sign up your kids, stay for cookies and cider, and don't forgot I'll make a special drawing for your books!  Hopefully see you there!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


SATURDAY, October 25th at 11 am

The Princess in Black has arrived! Yes, the time has come, the Walrus said, for LeUyen 
to venture out and do another signing.  And THIS time, it’s for my latest collaboration 
with award winning authors Shannon and Dean Hale, a story about a super sweet pink princess by day, 
and a monster-butt-kicking superhero by night!

Reasons to come...

Princesses, Superheroes, and monsters galore on this 
limited edition stickers, only available at this signing!
For the superhero princess in all of us…
Bring your own little superheroes, and I’ll 
sketch them in the book when I sign!

2251 Chestnut Street, San Francisco CA

Call in advance to reserve your copy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I know, I'm early this year, but MY CHRISTMAS BOOK COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!

I've always loved this song, and my kids all know it by heart.  So it was a natural that I'd be illustrating it someday!  The book just came out today, but maybe do your shopping a little bit early! And if you leave a comment or contact me through my website, I'll put you on the mailing list for a christmas card, taken from images in the book!

Here's the STARRED review from Publisher's Weekly:
LeUyen Pham. Doubleday, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-385-37413-2
Pham brings an international scope to this traditional holiday song. A youthful couple, donning their Christmas finery, lead a playful dance through the song’s cumulative lyrics as the boy tries to wrangle each unwieldy gift for his girl. Pham’s (A Piece of Cake) eye for detail is evident as she showcases varieties of French hens, geese, and swans, but her paintings truly shine in the depiction of maids, lords, drummers, and ladies who hail not just different countries, but varied periods in history. Milkmaids from Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond greet the children; a Peruvian pan flutist rubs shoulders with a Scottish bagpiper; and so on—it’s nothing short of a global postcard. Musical notation and a note about the song’s origins are included, and readers are invited to locate all 78 gifts. Ages 3–7. Agent: Linda Pratt, Wernick & Pratt. (Sept.)
Reviewed on 09/12/2014 | Details & Permalink

And for those who've been talking about diversity in books, this one's got in spades.  My 8 maids, 9 ladies, 10 lords, 11 pipers, and 12 drummers all hail from around the world!

There will be a special book event for this one on November 23rd, where I'll be holding a crafts event to make ornaments from the book.  It'll be at Folio Books in Noe Valley, San Francisco, starting at 3 pm.  More details to come!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The haps this week...

Heading off to the Decatur Book Festival this Friday!  For anyone going, make sure to come find me, I think my panel is 10:00 AM Saturday.

There's a cool online place to buy kids books, called Childrensbookstore.com.  They've got a great review of my latest "A Piece of Cake" you can read here:
or you can even peruse all my books at once here:
They seem awesome, so give them a shot next time you buy online.

Lastly, my cartoon for the week.  This and a bunch of other cartoons will be released in a bi-yearly publication called "826 Quarterly", a very cool project that has kids from early age to twenties writing stories, poems, essays, etc.  Put together by my local 826 Valencia, read here to find out more: