Monday, December 05, 2011

SPLIT DECK for sale!

Okay, so I'm seriously one of the craziest people in the world when it comes to
the giving of gifts. Every year for the holidays, I go a little nutty and make these
ridiculously over-the-top little presents for people. Little home-made books, boxes of
personally decorated cookies, specialized mugs, chinese horoscope calendars. You
name it, I've tried to make it.

A couple years ago, I felt really masochistic and designed a whole set of playing cards.
For the bibliophile at heart, these were cards with famous literary characters that I'd always
wanted to illustrate: Alice in Wonderland, SHerlock Holmes, Peter Pan, Animal Farm.
Then I collected some very cool quotes for the number cards, and gave the whole thing
a theme. I called it the Split Deck, and each suite contains a literary theme.

Hearts: LOVE and HATE
Spades: WAR and PEACE
Diamonds: WEALTH and POVERTY
Clubs: GOOD and EVIL

I gave a set of cards away to friends and familiy, but they're pretty small -- 2"x3.5", and
I was told a few of them got lost in the mail. I re-printed them this year to send to
those who said they never got theirs, as well to new friends who weren't on the original
list. I've got a few extra that I've printed, not much. But I've had lots of requests over
the past couple years about people wanting to buy a set for themselves.

So here, now, today, for a limited time only, I'm offering on a first-come, first-serve,
while-supplies-last, get'em-while-they're-hot, the one and only


If you'd like to purchase a set,
please just send me an email or click here:

They're $20 USD, plus shipping. I know that's pricey for such small cards, but I'm not out to make money. It's really just to give out to people who'd like them.

Cheers all!


Kendra Melton said...

Ah, I'm sure im too late. But these are wonderful! Would have loved to get a set. For some reason the link wouldnt work, maybe it's just my browser?

uyen said...

Forgot to update this, but cards are all gone! Thank you thank you for everyone who asked for them, I'm really overwhelmed by everyone's niceness. If I get enough requests, I might reprint them again, but MAN what a pain to assemble!

Unknown said...

I don't suppose you're planning on doing another reprint for this year's holiday season? I would definitely order a set. As a designer, literature major/nerd/enthusiast, and owner of an extensive playing card collection, I am absolutely in love with these!

(Also, could not figure out how to email you / contact you otherwise for this, hopefully this comment will reach you!)

Jonathan Butt said...

I'd love a set, especially if full size. Have you considered doing the Kickstarter thing? Maybe with the USPCC Bicycle card manufacturers?

Dai said...

I second Jonathan with the Kickstarter thing. I second Rebecca as a nerd/enthusiast with a collection, and I second Kendra as would have loved to get this set. So will their requests count twice? That's seven votes right there. Love your work.