Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine's Cards for Save the Children

so i'm a month early on this one, but i thought i'd put it out there! some of you many know that i'm the illustrator of freckleface strawberry, a series written by the great actor julianne moore. she is also just the coolest chick and devoted mom. julie does an enormous amount for the group "Save the Children", and this year she had a few of us children's book artist illustrate some valentine's cards as a way of raising funds. so, for all you out there who've got valentine boxes to fill, please consider picking up a set of these cards! i'm honored to be in league with these other names: Mo Willems, Kevin Henkes, Brian Selznick, and Ian Falconer.

you can purchase the cards here:

or here:

it's a great cause, and you know, the cards are kinda cute!



Tư Duy said...

Hello chị Lê Uyên,

I just found a book illustrated by you called "le rêve de Dieu" published in France by Bayard. I like your drawing style very much. Has it been translated and published in Vietnam? My email is: I am doing an internship in Bayard Jeunesse in France at the moment.

Brad Blahnik Illustration and Design said...

Still such great work. I love seeing your new paintings.


:( said...

First, will say that my English is very bad.
Afterwards, will try to say that I have found your place by chance, and has liked me a lot your work, especially your books.

But what more liked me was "About Uyen". ^^