Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lunar New Year Post # 7

i wanted to post something else tonight, but you'll have to forgive me, as the antibiotics i'm on is really wiping me out.  i just do not do well with medication, seriously.  so instead, i thought i'd freak you guys all out by showing you the covers of all the books i've done in the past ten years.  the really really sad part is, i think i'm still missing a few.  for any of you whom i've worked with, if i am missing an image, let me know and i'll yell at myself tomorrow.  how sad am i?


Unknown said...


May I ask? do you have a tumblr blog?

your works are so awesome ^_^
I visit your website often for inspiration. I hope you don't mind.

uyen said...

hi! i don't have a tumblr blog, but i know, i should...

come visit my site anytime, that's what it's there for! hope you keep liking what you see