Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The haps this week...

Heading off to the Decatur Book Festival this Friday!  For anyone going, make sure to come find me, I think my panel is 10:00 AM Saturday.

There's a cool online place to buy kids books, called Childrensbookstore.com.  They've got a great review of my latest "A Piece of Cake" you can read here:
or you can even peruse all my books at once here:
They seem awesome, so give them a shot next time you buy online.

Lastly, my cartoon for the week.  This and a bunch of other cartoons will be released in a bi-yearly publication called "826 Quarterly", a very cool project that has kids from early age to twenties writing stories, poems, essays, etc.  Put together by my local 826 Valencia, read here to find out more:


Alysa Stewart said...

It was so super fun meeting you in Decatur, Uyen! I put our picture up on my blog. http://www.evereadbooks.com/2014/09/these-are-my-people-decatur-book.html
Love your sexy face! Haha I had no idea what kind of face you were doing until I looked at the photo later. You're the best!

uyen said...

thanks alysa! i was really happy to meet you too, and i'm still honored to be named your favorite. lemme know anytime you'd like to do an interview or anything on your blog, i'll be happy to contribute!