Monday, May 19, 2014

A Piece of Cake Launch Party and Raffle!

Alright, here's all the info you might want to know about A PIECE OF CAKE the Launch Party!

DATE: June 1st, 2015
TIME: 1-3 Pm
PLACE: Books Inc Laurel Village, 3515 California Blvd, San Francisco
STORE PHONE: 415-221-3666

There will be LOTS of goodies there!  Special stickers, postcards, bookmarks galore!  Mouse cookies (baked by moi), plus some special Mouse cupcakes for the little ones IF they bring something to trade for! A special limited supply BOOKPLATE for each book purchased, and of course a drawing from me in each book! And if all that doesn't interest you, then there's also a raffle at the end of the whole thing.  Two winners will be selected to win, get this, a hand-sewn LITTLE MOUSE AND BIRD doll!  Either I have too much time of my hands, or I'm crazy.  Probably the latter, because I NEVER have enough time.

For those of you locally who can't make it, but would still like a chance at all these goodies, never fear!  You can pre-order the book, leave a name to sign to, and I'll sign it on the day of, for you to pick up at your leisure. You can also do this if you are planning on coming, but don't want to wait to have the book signed.  I aim to please!

And for any of you out there who don't live nearby, but would still like a chance at the raffle, plus the bookplate, you're in luck!  Because if you order your book through your local independent book store (go Indies!), and then send an email to me with the bookstore's information, I'll send a bookplate to you through the mail, plus some extra goodies for your local favorite store.  And your name will go down for the online raffle as well, where chances are higher.  I'll be giving away three Little Birds, three Mice, and three free signed copies of the book.  Include a recipe for your favorite nut cake, and your name goes down twice!

Bookplates are on a first come, first serve basis only, once I'm out, I'm out.

Send online raffle requests through the following email:

Phew!  I think that's it!  Tomorrow night, I'll post some images from the book, PLUS a recipe from renowned Chef Matthew Dolan, of Twenty-Five Lusk in San Francisco, a buddy of mine who has graciously donated some of his much-sought after time to help me with the whole baking side of this.  More on that tomorrow!  It's pretty awesome...

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