Thursday, May 29, 2014

For Monsieur Poilu

So if you don't already know it, I really don't like posting photos online.  Don't know why, just feels too close somehow.  BUT, I have no problems at all revealing my love life in comic form.  Because let's face it, life is funnier when pared down and parsed to just the nice bits.

This weekend is the 13th anniversary of me and my French man.  That is, when we first got together, in that lovely Paris flat, during that ridiculously golden summer that will always make the 3rd Arrondisement the best in the world for me.  I thought I'd post the wedding booklet we made.  It only chronicles from when we met to when we got married, hence the early dates.  We have more cartoons since then, mostly with the kids and buying a house and all, but I think today it's nice just to post life pre-children.  You know, when we could still sleep in, had extra mula, and had time to sit around and draw each other...

Happy Anniversary, my Monsieur Poilu!

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